Congratulations - Important TrafficFusion Account information.

Dear New Traffic Fusion Customer.

You are all set to use your HyperJava software account.

Your username is: The PayPal Email address you paid with.
(it was also sent to you in your welcome email.)

Your password was given to you in your welcome email
when you paid.

Note: If you lost your password or have any issues, you
can use use the reset password feature and it will email
you a new password instantly.

You can LOGIN or RESET your password here:

** IMPORTANT please read **

On your first login, you will be asked to create
your license subscription. $0 for the first 6 months
and then $249 every 6 months after that.

** Problems with your subscription?

If you paid your $0 today and set up the $249 recurring
starting in 6 months and got stuck in a loop. Do not
worry but please do not pay again for that.

We are manually looking at these every 15 minutes and
you should be able to login as stated above within
1 hour of when you had the issue.

** If you tried to pay the subscription 2 x (or more)
you can rest assured we will cancel any duplicates
in the next 2 business days. You will not be billed

** Bonuses and Course Extras

When you login you will see your bonuses here:
Click Here

Once on that page,

The USER COMMUNITY is located here.
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** Your "HELP VIDEOS" are located here:
(more coming this week)
Click Here

** Case Study Videos will be in members bonus
area by the weekend.


Traffic Fusion Team

If you have any other questions please go to 

If you still need help after contacting the help desk, please send an e-mail to support [at] trafficfusion [dot] com.